Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Affiliate Program Management

Affiliate marketing programs provide a powerful and popular way for many companies to generate significant revenue from the Internet, but not every company is properly positioned for a successful program. At 10x Marketing we believe that each company ought to be accurately evaluated before engaging in an affiliate program. Our assessment service is designed to help companies know whether or not an affiliate marketing program is right for them. At the end of this assessment you'll have a good understanding of your chances of success and the risks involved with this type of Internet marketing.What is an Affiliate Program?Affiliate programs are a type of eCommerce program which generate traffic to a company’s website by convincing affiliate sites to link to them. The parent company pays each affiliate company a percentage of the sale for every online customer it gets as a result of a direct link from the affiliate’s website to its own. The affiliate company is essentially paid a commission for generating traffic, leads, or sales to the parent company’s website.
For example, a company that sells fitness gear would provide a link to the site of a fitness club that offers related (but not competing) products and services. The fitness gear company would then receive a commission of the sales gained from any buyers they direct to the fitness club. Since the fitness club gets more revenue from the new customers, both companies benefit.How Can 10x Marketing Help Me Run an Affiliate Program?10x Marketing employs an experienced Affiliate Marketing Team that excels in designing and implementing successful affiliate programs, one of several traffic generation services. Our team provides the following benefits and advantages to your company:
Set up, manage, and monitor your entire affiliate program.
Design professional ads to attract potential customers on a regular basis.
Recruit new affiliates to your program that continually drive business to you.
Help you to design your site specifically to convert those visitors into buyers of your products and services.
Keep you up-to-date by monitoring, maintaining, and reporting the success of your program on a regular basis.
In short, 10x Marketing has the experience, tools, and expertise to help you with all of your affiliate marketing needs. We also welcome new affiliates to our current programs. Give us a call. We'll be happy to answer any questions you may have.
How Do I Start?Contact us to see if Internet marketing is right for your company. There's no obligation and no better time to start generating more revenue from the Internet.

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