Wednesday, May 2, 2007

10x Marketing eBLAST Services

10x Marketing offers eBLAST (E-mail Business Leads and Sales Tool), which combines both e-mail marketing and newsletter services to provide small to large businesses with the following:
Wider client audiences
Better client relationships
Industry expert status
The opportunity to obtain and retain mind share
The chance to educate and inform clients and associates in regards to products/services
Why E-mail Marketing?The chart below compares the ROI percentages obtained via various online advertising methods. Observe that opt-in-e-mail, or e-mail marketing, comes second only to pay-per-click marketing (PPC), which is also a valuable marketing option for any business.E-mail marketing is five times more effective than direct mailing and 25 times more effective than banner ads. E-mail marketing generates immediate results, which are easily tracked and measured. Best of all, e-mail marketing is generally preferred—by both senders and recipients—to direct mail, telemarketing, radio, or TV (Source:
10x Marketing's eBLAST newsletter services include:
eBLAST Core Services
eBLAST Stats Services
eBLAST Plus Services
Additional Services
eBLAST Core ServicesThe initial eBLAST core services work like this: 10x Marketing receives your client list, removes all duplicate entries, and validates all e-mail addresses. This list is inserted into a database. Then, you choose the HTML template of your choice, on which 10x will also provide links that will allow your clients and associates to subscribe to, forward, or unsubscribe to your newsletter. You then create a short e-mail text and 10x performs a series of test runs to make sure that every eBLAST will be sent according to plan. After the eBLAST trial-runs, editorial adjustments will be made as needed and 10x will begin to send regularly scheduled eBLASTS. All eBLAST statistics will be monitored and reports regarding these statistics will be sent to you for business related analysis.
eBLAST Stat ServicesThe eBLAST stats services include all of the eBLAST core services, plus a statistics sub-account, which provides you with a login that allows you to view your eBLAST statistics at any time. The eBLAST stats services also include a private label opt-out footer complete with your company’s logo, 5,000 credits (or e-mails) per month and an e-mail capture form on your website. The option to buy additional discounted credits is also an eBLAST stats option.
eBLAST Plus ServicesThe eBLAST plus services include the eBLAST core services plus a full access sub-account which includes a login to view real-time statistics, a login to send your own blasts (this is optional), a private label opt-out footer with your logo, 5,000 credits per month, up to 2 hours consulting and/or technical support, up to 2 hours custom design work, up to 5 hours of writing services (or 1 feature article), and an e-mail capture form on your company’s website. The option to buy additional discounted credits is also available with the eBLAST plus services package.
Additional ServicesAdditional eBLAST newsletter services include:
A custom designed e-mail template
E-mail personalization up to 25 fields
Private label opt-out footer with client’s logo
E-mail capture form on client’s website
Writing or Editing E-mail Templates
Copy Writing
Initial Story Planning
PDF Version
HTML Version
PDF and HTML Version
Add archives to client’s website
Questions?For more information, please contact a 10x Marketing representative.

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