Sunday, April 1, 2007

Application Development

Our application development services cover the concept-to-market needs of the product and include product conceptualization, design, development, testing, and support. Our offshore product development center can serve as an offshore extension of your product engineering setup in a seamless and low-risk manner.
This division works on the concept of Lab-on-Hire (LoH), where a team of engineers is dedicated to your project depending on its requirements. This team works with you through the Product Life Cycle to make application enhancements, do testing, and issue releases for each version of the product.
Benefits for this kind of a setup include:
Reduced time to market
Global engineering workforce to ensure 24x7 product development cycle
Full implementation of digital technologies in the product development phase
Increased profitability by reduced product development cost As part of the Product Development and Support we provide the following services to our clients:
Product Design and Conceptualization
Support Services
During each of these phases your lab at Website Toolbox will act like a virtual extension of your onsite development team. Both of the teams will work in close coordination for each version release.
Application development services can be provided for virtually any programming language on any operating system.

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