Thursday, March 29, 2007

The Power OF HTML Email Advertising And When To Use Text Email

The issue of HTML email versus text email usually raises heated debate amongst those involved in email advertising. For some people, feelings about HTML-formatted email have changed over time. However there are a number of issues that one should take into consideration before making a decision either for or against sending HTML email in their advertising campaign.
It may show to be successful way of advertising, but then on the other hand it could be a pain to the ones on the receiving end. To start with, not everybody has the ability to receive HTML Email, which is a very important factor for anybody involved in email advertising to take note of. It is estimated that over 30 per cent of email users are not able to receive HTML Email. HTML may show up unreadable or in non-standard fonts, clashing colours, badly formatted images and sometimes there is no quick or easy way to adjust appearance to be read.
However it is also a fact that this figure is reducing by the day. Still there is no denying the fact that HTML email will always get twice the response rate that text email would usually get, according to Email Marketing research. It is easy to see why this is so. With HTML email, full color graphics and even moving images and graphics can easily be created. These are usually much more attractive and can be powerful in drawing attention to a message.
Also, according to research, it’s mentioned that text just can't do some of the things that HTML email marketing can, such as the ability to embed links into the email form itself. Yet despite this powerful statistic in support of HTML email, it is also true to say that most times, email users expect most of the HTML email messages they have received to be spam. Many notorious spammers have actually perfected the art of creating flashy HTML graphics to sell whatever it is they are trying to sell in their intrusive and illegal way. There are plenty of other reasons to favor plain text over HTML, such as band width waste and security exploits, but what it really comes down to is that like all other forms of information junk, there is more effort put into the font styling, rather than the actual email content.
Choosing the right Marketing Company is often one of the biggest reasons a campaign fails or succeeds. It is also significant to note that there are some very successful marketers who use nothing else but text email in all their campaigns. They place all their focus on powerful words and directing people to their web sites and blog sites, where color and full HTML can be fully utilized to elaborate further on their advertising messages. The obvious advantage they enjoy is the fact that they do not need to worry about some recipients having turned off all HTML in incoming email messages, which many people often do to deal with the rising volumes of spam.

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